Moving On…

Well, life keeps marching along. whether we choose to march along beside it or not, we will eventually have to catch up. I grew up with parents that were hoarders. Hoarders to the extreme like in the show. I can’t even watch that show. It’s too much for me to watch. My mom hoarded things inside the house and my dad outside. It had become normal to walk sideways down the hallway to get to the bathroom. And then when both had passed away and we had to clean? We seriously didn’t know if it was a family heirloom or a found item. it was very sad. Now, you’d think I would move seriously to the opposite spectrum and toss everything, but no. I appear to have a diluted form of the gene as my siblings do as well. All of us in varying degrees, but in our own ways. I am horrified by it and wish it weren’t so, but alas as I look on the pile of stuff in our three, yes THREE garages and a storage unit, I am taken aback.

I have put off dealing with the unsavory dealings of garage sales and craigslist for nearly six months and now, I am forced to do so as we will be moving in two weeks. People want everything for nothing and in pristine condition. I have a hard time letting go of memories and am forced into decisions because we can only bring one truck and we’ll be lucky to fit just our furniture on it alone. Tomorrow we celebrate our 28th anniversary and have had four kids. That’s a lot of stuff over 28 years. I inherited boxes of stuff from my mom as well and the decisions have to be made on what to part with and it’s very, very emotionally hard.

I am glad for the moment I am on Phase 3 in my diet. It pretty much ends as we are physically moving. I have not made a decision on my next Phase 2 plans yet. It will likely be wise to wait a bit and settle in and unpack first. I think my body has had enough stress while dieting lately. I am currently a pound under LDW and happy it finally dipped for a little elbow room.

So, I thought I would just hop on in and do an update. I signed escrow papers yesterday and things are slowly moving along. Lots and lots of sorting, listing ads and pricing. A second moving sale is tomorrow and the appliance repair guy is coming tomorrow as well. If I waited to “feel” like doing this, I would procrastinate and never do it. Sometimes you just need to suck it up and do it and let your feelings catch up with you. Not pleasant, but true.

My update is pretty uneventful in words, but trust me, it’s a crazy mess here. As I leave, I will show a pretty nice picture I took on Blue Friday (when Seahawks fans wear their Seahawks gear on Fridays before a game) over 25 pounds ago. I don’t take good pictures often, so I like this a lot.  Happy Friday all and happy releases!



Hey there!

Well, here I am. No stranger to the blogging world, but prior to this it was cooking blogs. I have since deleted those and have plans on new ventures in that arena, but this one’s personal. This is meant to cover my journey to claim back my health and well being.

I used to be very active when I was young, but marriage and four kids happened.

First, THIS photo happened. These are my older sisters and I (on the left).

First, THIS photo happened. These are my older sisters and I (on the left). My immediate reaction was, “Am I REALLY this heavy? Ugh!”

That’s not an excuse, just a synopsis. Fast forward to us moving seven years ago to California and realizing I can’t handle heat. At all. Not kidding. I became fairly sedentary and gained forty pounds. Then this past year happened. Lots of stress. I tried to diet, but we all know what stress does to your body and weight. It wasn’t pretty. Hubby was looking for a new job, but to no avail here, so he started looking back in Washington where we used to live. He found one and moved up while I stayed behind to sell the house. We listed in April, and now September is breathing down our necks. More stress. Hubby decided to go to a different job, with my blessing, but now in Oregon and with an assumption we will be there at most a couple of years. Looks like we are renting this time around. This house has made home ownership a living nightmare. More stress. Long story short…I needed to right my body and dig in my heels. Life was going to change very soon and in a big way.

A whole season of watching our team play in sports bars because they weren't televised where we were put on more weight. I saw this photo and was devastated.  I'm on the far right.

A whole season of watching our team play in sports bars because they weren’t televised where we were put on more weight. I saw this photo and was devastated. I’m on the far right.

My sisters and niece were on a HCG diet with an Omnitrition product called Omni Drops. Come join us they said. I laughed at them. I already had too much going on, why would I add to it? Well, it gnawed at me. And then one day I did the research, meanwhile watching their weight drop on bodies similar to mine. I checked with my doctor. He encouraged me. I did the math and what I saw as expensive, I divided it out per day and realized my food bill would also go down drastically and it was cheaper than many failed diets I was on before.

This was this summer with girls I live near and went to high school with in Washington. It's the picture that was the final straw!

This was this summer with girls I live near and went to high school with in Washington. It’s the picture that was the final straw!

   I have to admit, I started it not telling anyone other than my daughter who was living with me. If I had failed who would know?  I went on it trying to prove them wrong. Unfortunately, or fortunately I was wrong. I did loose weight. A lot for such a short time. Even without extreme exercise. The most I did was walk maybe 30 minutes a couple of times a week and that wasn’t necessary.This stuff was serious. No joke. I went into it following directions that you were to be on a phase 2 for 21 to 45 days. I just knew I would only make it to 21 days, but incredibly, I got there, shrugged my shoulders and sailed right through to the 45th day. On that day I lost 33 pounds! Yes, in 45 days! Honestly, on average, most people lose a bit more and I still blame my extreme stress, but seriously, I feel so much better, you can’t imagine! It has given me the energy to keep on loosing and share with others my story along the way.

So here I am, sharing with you. If you are interested in following me, I have the following websites as well as this one. Please feel free to keep up and if you are interested in the products I use, please check the videos below out.  I take Omnitrician brand products. The products I take are: 1) Omni Drops (necessary for weight loss) 2) OmniIV Vitamin Supplements (not necessary, but helpful) 3) Nite Lite (also not necessary, but useful).
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