Now what box was my scale in?

Seriously? I can’t find it after three days. I’m hoping I haven’t gained, so I am furiously poring through as much as I can. Isn’t it just astonishing how things get packed by movers? I have three sheets of paper around a plastic cup and nothing on a delicate fragile object. It baffles the mind. Maybe it’s just that they are guys? I don’t have an answer.

Discussions are being made on Thanksgiving plans and how the family will be getting together. Everything seems to be hinged on my son’s work schedules that week. All I know is, my daughter and I are loading and nothing’s getting in our way in that regard. I had difficulty loading last phase 2 due to an unfortunate trip, so not this time. Besides, we have new places to try in this new town and if we travel back to see family where we used to live, then there’s all the old favorite places. We’ll be fine and I’m looking forward to it. Loading and Phase 2 both! I need some structure in my chaotic life.


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