Out With The Old

Well, the day has finally come for my husband to fly in to move us. A day I have looked forward to and dreaded. I will never be completely ready, no matter how hard I try and fretting has only stalled my weight. I have to rid myself of so much needless things, that I am slowly embracing the purge.

Tomorrow is also my technically my last day of my three weeks of Phase 3, but my daughter and I have decided to extend our Phase 3’s until Thanksgiving, then load. What better time to load I suppose? My daughter is staying behind with friends for about three weeks, then flying up, so that’s part of the reasoning. Besides, she is all about everything at Thanksgiving. I think I have been off sugar, wheat and grains, etc. for so long that it doesn’t make me long for any of it any more. For her, with only one phase under her belt, she hasn’t completely weaned herself off the cravings yet, but she has gotten so much better than where she was. Plus, she actually has been loosing on P3, whereas I have remained pretty much the same except for the 2 pounds I lost overnight last night for some mysterious reason.

Anyhow…where was I? Oh yeah! Purging the old out and moving on to new things, new adventures and a healthier life than I have been living these past 30 years. More than 50 lbs less and feeling so much more capable than I was. I am astonished at the differences in my body and how I feel. I am going to do an update on my YouTube channel about it tomorrow and so keep an eye out!



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