Out With The Old

Well, the day has finally come for my husband to fly in to move us. A day I have looked forward to and dreaded. I will never be completely ready, no matter how hard I try and fretting has only stalled my weight. I have to rid myself of so much needless things, that I am slowly embracing the purge.

Tomorrow is also my technically my last day of my three weeks of Phase 3, but my daughter and I have decided to extend our Phase 3’s until Thanksgiving, then load. What better time to load I suppose? My daughter is staying behind with friends for about three weeks, then flying up, so that’s part of the reasoning. Besides, she is all about everything at Thanksgiving. I think I have been off sugar, wheat and grains, etc. for so long that it doesn’t make me long for any of it any more. For her, with only one phase under her belt, she hasn’t completely weaned herself off the cravings yet, but she has gotten so much better than where she was. Plus, she actually has been loosing on P3, whereas I have remained pretty much the same except for the 2 pounds I lost overnight last night for some mysterious reason.

Anyhow…where was I? Oh yeah! Purging the old out and moving on to new things, new adventures and a healthier life than I have been living these past 30 years. More than 50 lbs less and feeling so much more capable than I was. I am astonished at the differences in my body and how I feel. I am going to do an update on my YouTube channel about it tomorrow and so keep an eye out!



Moving On…

Well, life keeps marching along. whether we choose to march along beside it or not, we will eventually have to catch up. I grew up with parents that were hoarders. Hoarders to the extreme like in the show. I can’t even watch that show. It’s too much for me to watch. My mom hoarded things inside the house and my dad outside. It had become normal to walk sideways down the hallway to get to the bathroom. And then when both had passed away and we had to clean? We seriously didn’t know if it was a family heirloom or a found item. it was very sad. Now, you’d think I would move seriously to the opposite spectrum and toss everything, but no. I appear to have a diluted form of the gene as my siblings do as well. All of us in varying degrees, but in our own ways. I am horrified by it and wish it weren’t so, but alas as I look on the pile of stuff in our three, yes THREE garages and a storage unit, I am taken aback.

I have put off dealing with the unsavory dealings of garage sales and craigslist for nearly six months and now, I am forced to do so as we will be moving in two weeks. People want everything for nothing and in pristine condition. I have a hard time letting go of memories and am forced into decisions because we can only bring one truck and we’ll be lucky to fit just our furniture on it alone. Tomorrow we celebrate our 28th anniversary and have had four kids. That’s a lot of stuff over 28 years. I inherited boxes of stuff from my mom as well and the decisions have to be made on what to part with and it’s very, very emotionally hard.

I am glad for the moment I am on Phase 3 in my diet. It pretty much ends as we are physically moving. I have not made a decision on my next Phase 2 plans yet. It will likely be wise to wait a bit and settle in and unpack first. I think my body has had enough stress while dieting lately. I am currently a pound under LDW and happy it finally dipped for a little elbow room.

So, I thought I would just hop on in and do an update. I signed escrow papers yesterday and things are slowly moving along. Lots and lots of sorting, listing ads and pricing. A second moving sale is tomorrow and the appliance repair guy is coming tomorrow as well. If I waited to “feel” like doing this, I would procrastinate and never do it. Sometimes you just need to suck it up and do it and let your feelings catch up with you. Not pleasant, but true.

My update is pretty uneventful in words, but trust me, it’s a crazy mess here. As I leave, I will show a pretty nice picture I took on Blue Friday (when Seahawks fans wear their Seahawks gear on Fridays before a game) over 25 pounds ago. I don’t take good pictures often, so I like this a lot. ¬†Happy Friday all and happy releases!