Haters Gonna Hate!

   Well, I hate to have to even mention this, but I have gotten some emails about the diet I am on. I just posted a video about it on YouTube, but I want to elaborate here. Let me just say I will never change my mind or be swayed into anything by someone trying to bully or convince me to do what they want or feel is right. So, that said, you are only wasting your breath if that is your agenda…just sayin’. 

   I know there are regular trollers on the more popular HCG bloggers out there and they have mentioned it before. Heck, maybe I should be flattered that I got targeted so quickly. At any rate, if I am not moved by a friend or family member trying to make me stop, what makes a complete stranger think I would for them? In other words…save your breath. 

   I can assure you I have researched what I have before hand and am under a doctor’s care. It is my body and my decision and that is how it’s going to be until I decide otherwise. If I feel in any way not right, I would be the first to opt out, but I feel quite the opposite actually. I feel so much better and healthier than I did only a couple of months ago and 40+ pounds ago! I am on my way to better health and there is no stopping me now…but thanks for caring. 😉



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